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April 30, 2013 Tuesday

How To Make A Cardboard Switch

You will need
  • One Paper clip
  • Two paper fasteners
  • Piece of corrugated cardboard bigger than the paper clip

Position the paper clip centrally on the cardboard.

Poke one paper fastener through one end of the
paper clip and through the cardboard.

Push the fastener all the way down through the cardboard

and open the prongs underneath.

Position the second paper fastener so that the other end
of the paper clip touches it. Swing the paper clip away
and push the paper fastener into the cardboard,

opening out the prongs underneath. Ensure the prongs
of both fasteners are not touching each other.

The switch is finished!

Here it is open (off)

and closed (on)

Note: to use the switch, turn the cardboard upside 
downand wind the ends of the wire around the prongs.
Tape down to secure.

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